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Because he is so right: maximizing shareholder value is the World’s dumbest idea!

We might have reached a very interesting moment in the modern History of business. A moment when CEOs of some of the best performing companies on the stock markets are clearly rejecting what is still considered as the Holy Grail of business performance: maximizing shareholder value!   Will it change the generic way to look at business performance? Will it shed… Read more →


Because we are all at the service of someone

You can look at it from any angle, at the end of the day, in the business world we are all at the service of someone! In a way we all are serving guests.   My personal advice is that all of us take as much time as needed to have a clear answer to the following questions: who am I… Read more →


Because where the customer spends his time, is the place to be

Big data is a fascinating topic by many extents: the technological challenge is huge as big data processing requires at the same time reliability in the data compilation and agility in the data exploitation and visualization the new capabilities that are needed to make the data talk is a Human challenge in itself, how to find the right balance between being obsessed by… Read more →


Because the way you execute your business model matters more than its design

What Airbnb Gets About Culture that Uber Doesn’t Arun Sundararajan NOVEMBER 27, 2014 Last week, as Uber battled a media firestorm after a senior executive talked of investigating unfriendly journalists and a company manager actually used its “God View” feature to track the comings and goings of a reporter, Airbnb welcomed more than 1,500 of its most productive providers to its first-ever host convention, an… Read more →


Because they are the Human interface with customers

Putting Sales at the Center of Strategy   People can’t implement what they don’t understand. Yet few strategic plans articulate the implications for customer-contact behaviors in the field, where value is created or destroyed. Frank V. Cespedes     For many years Document Security Management (a pseudonym) had a thriving business in retrieving and shredding or securely storing organizations’ documents. Executives… Read more →

Because “Sales” know the clients and “Marketing” understand them

Put the “and” Back in “Sales and Marketing” – Jenny Cermak, Maryanne Hancock, Homayoun Hatami, and Roland John – Harvard Business Review. Nowhere else in the executive suite of a typical corporation are two functions as closely intertwined as sales and marketing. Yet for all the shared responsibility, the marketing and sales relationship has often been a contentious and lopsided… Read more →