Because digital is at the service of Human engagement

What a pleasure to find these words in a McKinsey quarterly article!


Digital hives: Creating a surge around change

Online communities are helping companies engage with employees to accelerate change. New lessons are emerging for executives striving to harness the power of social media in the cause of wider employee participation.


I’ve been an early believer in the power of the social media ethos and practices in any corporate or business transformation effort.

Their ability to empower people, influence their conversations (these vastly underrated transformation lever) and create content-based change programs has always fascinated me.


I have now stopped counting the refusals I had to face or the missed opportunities to implement a user-centric social platform in order to support transformation efforts.

But things are changing, thanks to the pioneering initiatives of modern corporations such as HCL Technologies, Burberry’s, Telstra, …


I have the feeling that we are now getting closer to a turning point.

Business leaders are increasingly aware of transformation as a permanent state within global organizations and in parallel, they start to understand that people are actually Human Beings and that conversations are the driving forces of those transformations, not time lost at the watercooler.

Hence, it’s only a natural consequence to consider that the most powerful conversation tools, namely social networks and media, have to be leveraged in order to accelerate transformation within corporate environments.

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